“In the beginning only pristine white horses roamed the wild African terrain. One day a thirsty horse stumbled upon a fresh watering hole, fiercely guarded by a territorial baboon. A battled ensued. The baboon was kicked up its arse to a high-up koppie. The horse did not emerge unscathed.

In the struggle it had fallen in enemy fire, and was forever-more branded by the hot coals. To this day baboons roam the koppies, their purplish-pink bruised bums a reminder of the War for the Watering hole. The white horse emerged victorious. But it had earned its stripes.”

The fable of the zebra and the baboon firmly locates Striped Horse in African terrain. Its mythology renders its provenance. Its legend orientates its tradition. Its irreverence underlies its ethos. Its bold branding encapsulates its spirit.

Enjoy our crisp, refreshing beers – perfect for those dry, hot African days… and nights!